Making packing safe, effective and reasonable with our collection of plastic based Plastic Bottle, HDPE Shampoo Bottles, Hdpe Oil Bottle, HDPE Plastic Bottle, Plastic Medicines Bottle.

About Us

With the growing variety in foods and beverages, increasing is the demand of packaging products. Among the many variety of packaging materials available, plastic is regarded as one of the most widely used as it is both durable and cost-effective. A company that stepped into the plastic packaging industry in the year 2017 to meet customers requirements of most perfectly made and finely designed plastic packaging products is P. S. Plastic.

The company was formed by Mr. Prashant Dubey as a manufacturer and supplier of many plastic made items like HDPE Plastic Bottle, Plastic Caps, Plastic Bottle, Plastic Protein Bottle, and Plastic Medicines Bottle.

We use two most basic and durable plastics Polyethylene terephthalate and High-density polyethylene to manufacture aforesaid products. Many designs and sizes of above-said products are made because every company demands products as per their convenience in packing and supplying. Companies wanting a large line of products in some specific design, color and size are most welcome to contact us as we customize for bulk orders.

Why Buy Our Range?

We are one such newbie that has gained foothold by providing maximum satisfaction to customers in the form of reasonably priced and quality products. We are now being regarded as a company which has the most stunning in design and quality HDPE Plastic Bottle and Plastic Caps under its collection. There are many more factors which suggest why our collection is worth spending on. These are as follows:

  • Premium grade plastic material is used for fabrication
  • Many varieties in design, color and size
  • Used to pack variety of items- liquid, semi-solid and solid

Pack Perfectly With P. S. Plastic

For many companies, both long-standing and newbies, packing becomes a hectic job. For some right material is the issue and for others the right size, cost and other factors like these. Taking into consideration the present viewpoints of companies wanting packaging products, we stepped into the industry. We pay focus on the concerns of companies engaged in packing pharmaceuticals, beverages and other items and provide them a range that helps them pack all their offerings perfectly.

Our Strengths

We have not many years of experience but still have been successful in capturing customers attention, the credit of which we would like to give to  our team and our advanced facilities. Our team of 20 people and modern production facilities are our strengths. These combined factors make us more powerful and help us in bringing forth quality rich HDPE Plastic Bottle etc.

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